Ephesians 1:3-10

God’s Big Picture

Talk 1 of 6 in 2024 in the series LAUNCH for School Leavers. This talk was the first of three given by Phillip.

The recording of Talk 1 is a little soft.

The other talks given in 2024 were (b) God’s Astonishing Plan, (c) Created for Good Works, (d) Experiencing the Unbelievable God, (e) Experiencing the Justice of God, (f) Experiencing the Faithfulness of God.

Talk Outline

  1. Plans and Planning
  1. God’s plans
  • Ephesians: Jews and Gentiles
  • from beginning to end
  1. Every Spiritual Blessing
  • in Christ
  • election
  • predestination
  • redemption
  • revelation
  1. God’s Plans and Ours

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