Matthew 5:21-26

Are You in Danger of Hell? (Are You Going to Hell?)

Talk 14 of 53 in the Series Matthew 2012-14 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the Series is Living With Your Lust

Matthew 5:21-26

1. The Salty Disciples’ Righteousness

a. God glorifying good works

b. the heart of law keeping

i. the six contrasts

ii. minimising and maximising

2. Living With Your Brother

a. the commandment

b. the addition

3. The Contrasts

a. the contrast of crimes

b. the contrast of judgements

4. The Consequence

a. your brother before God

b. wisdom of avoiding judgment

c. the practice of God glorifying good works

5. The One Hell-fire Preacher of the Bible

a. the awful image of Hell

b. the awful reality of Hell

c. the serious danger of Hell

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