Matthew 4:18 - 5:1

Are You In Danger of Popularity

Talk 9 of 53 in the series Matthew 2012-14 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the series is Are You Enjoying the Good Life?

Matthew 4:18-5:1

  1. The Popular Sermon
    • the desire to be accepted
    • the success of a movement
  2. Seeing the Crowds
    • why were there crowds?
    • how big were the crowds?
  3. An Overview of Jesus Response to the Crowds 
    • discipleship training
      1. mountain
      2. sat with disciples
      3. “not as their scribes”
    • content of the sermon
      1. persecution
      2. distinctive righteousness
      3. “do not be like them”
      4. the gentiles seek after
    • the conclusion of the sermon
      1. the 2 gates and the 2 ways
      2. the false prophets
      3. entering the kingdom of heaven
  4. How to Fish For Men
    • difference
    • unpopularity
    • crucifixion

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