Matthew 5:16-20

Are Your Good Works Supernatural?

Talk 12 of 53 in the Series Matthew 2012-14 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the Series is Are You Excessively Righteous?

Matthew 5:16-20

1. “Love not Law”
a. tolerance ≠ acceptance

b. justice based forgiveness

2. Jesus’ Disciples
a. persecuted for righteousness’ sake

b. salt, light, city

c. God glorifying good works

3. Jesus and the Law, 5:17-18
a. law and the prophets

b. not to abolish but to fulfil

c. all is accomplished

4. The Disciples and the Law
a. relative standing within the Kingdom

b. absolute entry into the Kingdom

5. Jesus and the Old Testament
a. the Christian bible

b. teach and obey

c. the final explanatory chapter

d. a new level of righteousness

e. the supernatural good works

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