Ezekiel 36

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Talk 1 of 2 given as background to four Conference talks. The second background talk is The Required Transformation. The series is Why Jesus Sent the Spirit.

Talk Outline

1. The Right starting Point

  • Jesus
  • Before we start

2. The Babylonian Captivity

  • Exodus to exile
  • Profaning the name of the Lord
  • God’s action in judgement
  • God’s action in salvation

3. The New Deal

  • Gathered by God’s holiness
  • Gathered by God’s mercy
  • Gathered into God’s prosperity

4. Changed People

  • Sprinkle clean water
  • Give a new heart
  • Put my Spirit within you
  • My people, I am your God
  • Confession and shame

5. Jesus

  • Farewell discourse
  • Sending the Spirit

For a much fuller and more detailed treatment of why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit see Phillip’s The Coming of the Holy Spirit a hard-cover book or audiobook narrated by Phillip.

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