1 Corinthians 6:9

Series: Ministry Training Talks 2012 – 2016

“Do not be deceived” I Corinthians 6:9

1 Bible’s Challenge to a Dead World
a creation
b sin and death came
c culture and cultures of a dead world
d God’s judgement on the world.
e Christ under judgement
f Christians are in eternal life now
g Christians are counter-cultural people
i living out God’s new culture
ii witnessing to God’s new deal
iii suffering the consequences of opposition

2 Ministering the Word of God
a  Genesis 1 the repeated chorus ‘And God Said ’
b Genesis 2 v16
c scripture
d words

3 Responding to God’s Word
a  positive
b negative
c Censorship
 i formal legal censorship
  ii between privacy and criminal cover-up
  iii the censorship of garbage.
  iv the bullies
  v the gatekeepers
  vi the word-twisters

4 Preaching the Word of Life in a World of Death
a the charge
b the times

5  Culture of Homosexuality
a personal pain
b public politics
i Communicate; don’t just express yourself
ii Appeal to ambivalent skeptics
vii Make gays look good
iii Keep talking (desensitize, don’t shock)
iv Keep message single-minded: gay rights
vi Give potential protectors a just cause
v Portray gays as victims, not aggressors
viii Make victimizers look bad
c Conflicted Culture

6  Bible’s Challenge to Homosexuality
a creation
b sin and death
c culture
d Christ
e Christians

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