1 Peter 1-2:12

Talk 3 of 4 in the series The Word of the Future and the Future of the Word Trajectory Conference 2020

Christian Living Under Judgement

1 Peter 1-2:12

1          Christians under Jewish Judgement 1:1-2

2          The Personal Trajectory 1:3-9

3          The Historical Trajectory 1:10-12

4          The Present Implications 1:13-2:12

            a          towards God 1:13-21

            b          towards Christians 1:22-2:3

            c          fulfilling Israel’s trajectory 2:4-10

            d          towards the Gentiles 2:11-12

5          The Trajectory

            a          suffering and glories

            b          holiness now, as we wait

            c          assured of God’s plan

                        i.          achieved

                        ii.         applied

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