Galatians 5:1-25

Christians Free To…

Talk 5 of 6 in the series Galatians 1998 given at Campus Bible Study at UNSW.

The next talk in the series is Christians: Caring and Indifferent?

Galatians 5:1-25

  1. The Appeal to Freedom
    • Christ has set us free
    • stand firm
  2.  The Danger
    • the people
    • the issues
    • the results 3
  3.  The Freedom in which We Stand
    • Christ and grace
    • faith awaits
    • faith expresses itself
  4.  Freedom For…
    • the natural
      • its nature
      • its content
      • its results
    •  the unnatural
      • its nature
      • its content
      • its results
  5.  The Appeal to the Spirit
    • we live by the Spirit
    • keep in step

For my part, Sir, I think all Christians, whether Papists or Protestants, agree in the essential articles, and that their differences are trivial, and rather political than religious. (Dr Samuel Johnson to James Boswell 25th June 1763)

a. the freely given, unmerited favour and love of God.

b. the influence or spirit of God operating in humans.

c. a virtue or excellence of divine origin. d. the condition of being in God’s favour or one of the elect. (Webster Dictionary ninth definition of “grace”)

“In religion, of course, assumptions are the essence: it totters out to the end of the diving board of fact and makes a blind leap into the realm of the irrational, of faith and miracle.” (Bob Beale former Science and Environment editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, reviewing a book by Paul Davies in Spectrum SMH August 22 1998)

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