Claiming the Heritage

Talk 12 of 14 in the series: Hosea 2009 Cathedral Bible Study

The next talk in the series is The Only Saviour

Talk Outline

  1. What’s in a Name?
    • meaning and connotation
    • patrimony: heritage and inheritance
      • Abraham’s heir
      • New Testament
  2. Jacob/Israel
    • the descendants: Judah and Ephraim
    • key events of Jacob
      • birth and name
      • guarding Laban’s sheep
      • meeting God at Bethel
      • returning home
      • fighting with the angel of the Lord
  3. For Judah: the Example of Jacob
    • the fighter
    • who met with God
    • so you
  4. For Ephraim: the Example of Jacob
    • the rich Canaanite living in tents
    • the two guards
    • so the LORD
  5. The True Sons


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