Luke 24:44-49

Death of Evangelicalism

An individual talk given at All Saints Belfast in 2018

Sermon Outline

  1. The History of Evangelicalism
    • Jesus’ world mission
    • The moment we call the Reformation
    • David Bebbington
    • Post-cultural Christianity
  2. The Heart of Evangelicalism
    • Evangelicalism is not a historical movement
    • the unique evangel
    • Gospel Message
    • the living word
  3. The Death of Evangelicalism
    • the punishment for sin
    • the cultures of death
    • the Evangelical culture
    • crushing the life out of evangelicalism
      • persecution
      • seduction
        • Materialism
        • Hedonism–sexual revolution
        • Consumerism and Individualism
        • Acceptance and Respectability
      • suicide
    • symptoms of demise
  4. The Future of Evangelicalism
  5. The party’s not over?
  6. The gospel’s not over?

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