Talk 6 of 6 in the Series ‘Eternity’- Ecclesiastes 2012 St Andrews Cathedral

Eternity and the End

Ecclesiastes 11-12

1. The Words (12:9-12)

a. of the preacher

b.  of the wise

2. Take Action (11:1-6)

a. ignorance prevents

b. study is endless

c. action provides

3. While You May (11:7-12:8)

a. enjoy life

b. while young

c. before disintegration

d. remember him

4. The Pleasure of Punishment (12:13-14)

a. God’s judgement

b. life’s meaning

c. the whole duty of man

5. Take Action

a. fence sitting?

b. still young?

c. enjoy?

d. meaningful?

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