Failing to Return to The Lord

Talk 7 of 14 in the series: Hosea 2009 Cathedral Bible Study

The next talk in the series is Reaping the Whirlwind

Talk Outline

  1. Sickness of Corruption
    • state or church
    • the leaders
  2. The Failed Message (7:1-3)
    • repentance and forgiveness
    • healing reveals evil
    • unthinkable repentance and unreliable memories
    • the corruption of leaders
  3. The Images (7:4-16)
    • the oven fire (7:4-7)
    • the cake (7:8)
    • the grey hairs (7:9-10)
    • the silly bird (7:11-13)
    • the failed cry (7:14-15)
    • the treacherous bow (7:16)
  4. The Community and the Individual

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