From Sex at Uni to Unisex

Talk 1 of 1 given at a Priscilla and Aquila evening lecture.

The first evidence of the sexual revolution may have been seen in the 60’s, but that was only the beginning. Today we are dealing with the full impact of a changed society. Phillip explores this topic and its implications for pastoral ministry.

Talk Outline

  1. The Crossroads of Confusion
    • does society change?
    • choose your own nightmare
    • the new morality
    • democracy’s minorities
  2. The Biblical Expectations
    • creation
    • choose your own story
    • condemnation
    • New Testament
  3. Hindsight
    • a short history of sex
    • a short history of Sydney University
    • a short history of Sydney Push
    • a short history of gender
  4. Where to from Here?

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