1 Timothy 2:8-15

Gender and the Voice of God
(Talk 4 of 8 in the series 21st Century Pilgrimage)

1 The Pilgrim’s Destiny
 a is biology destiny?
 b are generalisations stereotypes?
 c is nature moral?
 d is morality cultural?
 e is nature creation or creation natural?
 f does nature or nurture matter?
 g are Christians obsessed about sex?

2 Is Creation Destiny?
 a God’s plan for males and females in creation
 b God’s plan for men and women in creation
 c Christ in God’s creation plan
 d the nature of sin
 e the nature of the judgement
 f the life and cultures of death
 g living like the angels

3 The Pilgrim’s Journey
 a men and prayer
 b women and fashion
 c men and women / husbands and wives

4 Hearing the Voice of God
 a Pharisees
 b regenerate

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