1 Timothy 3:14-4:11

Talk 4 of 4 in the Series ‘The Law and God’s Secret Plan’ Studies in 1 Timothy 2015 City Bible Forum. Study 1 is The Use and Misuse of the Law

Study 4 Getting Fit for God
4:7 Rather train yourself for godliness

Talk Outline

1 The Training Regime
a diet and exercise
b physical and spiritual

2 False Teachers in Church of Truth
a expected
b source of teaching
c character of teachers
d content of teaching

3 Timothy’s Task
a charge certain persons
b how to behave
c put things command and teach

4 Timothy’s Training
a nourished
b exercising
c godliness not myths
d benefits for life and eternity

5 The Living God
a our hope
b saviour of all
c especially

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