Amos 2:4 - 3:15

God Shows no Favouritism

Amos 2:4 – 3:15

1 The Historical Background

2 The Judgement on the Nations 1:3-2:3

3 The Judgement on Judah 2:4-5

4 The Judgement on Israel 2:6-16

 a national unrighteousness 2:6-8

 b God’s righteousness 2:9-12

 c The judgement to come 2:13-16

5 The Inevitable Judgement 3:1-15

 a privilege and responsibility 3:1-2

 b inevitability 3:3-8

 c obviously sinful 3:9-10

 d the Lord’s punishment 3:11-15

6 The Roar of the Lion

 a who can but prophesy?
     i what has happened

    ii what is happening

    iii and so what must happen

 b wealth is a deceptive security
 c God’s patience is not eternal
 d God’s salvation adds responsibility.

  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral

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