Amos 8 - 9

God’s Judgement and Mercy

Amos 8-9

1. Still More Visions of Judgement
a. summer fruits

i. the unjust society

ii. God’s just punishment

b. the altar

i. no escape

ii. from the creator

iii. from the Lord of nations

iv. the nation shaken with a sieve

2. The Promise of Restoration

a. the kingdom of David

b. the nations in the kingdom

c. the wealth in Promised land

3. The Take Home Message of Amos

a. The LORD God

i. creator

ii. rules nations

iii. rules history

iv. reveals by prophets

v. rules by justice

vi. responds to plea for mercy

b. Israel

i. present blindness

ii. future destruction

iii. international restoration

c. True Religion

i. not ritual

ii. but justice righteousness

iii. repentance

iv. Christ the Son of David

  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral

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