God’s Judgement and Mercy

Talk 6 of 6 in series: Amos 2012 St. Andrew’s Cathedral

This is the last talk in the series. For more from Phillip please see Resources.

Amos 8-9

  1. Still More Visions of Judgement
    • summer fruits
      • the unjust society
      • God’s just punishment
    •  the altar
      • no escape
      • from the creator
      • from the Lord of nations
      • the nation shaken with a sieve
  2. The Promise of Restoration
    • the kingdom of David
    • the nations in the kingdom
    • the wealth in Promised land
  3. The Take Home Message of Amos
    • The LORD God
      • creator
      • rules nations
      • rules history
      • reveals by prophets
      • rules by justice
      • responds to plea for mercy
    • Israel
      • present blindness
      • future destruction
      • international restoration
    • True Religion
      • not ritual
      • but justice righteousness
      • repentance
      • Christ the Son of David

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