John 11:28-42

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

A talk given at Adam Road Presbyterian Church in Singapore, as Phillip had stopped there on his way back from the UK 2018/19 Passion For Life Conference.

Sermon Outline

  1. Death is The Destroyer
    • permanent
    • universal
    • and then…?
  2. What is the Resurrection
    • what it is not?
      1. reincarnation
      2. immaterial spirituality
      3. “going to heaven” when we die
      4. a metaphor
    • what it is
      1. the Resurrection is the judgement day
      2. the overcoming of death
      3. the life we come back to is bodily
      4. has commenced spiritually already
    • who believed in it?
  3. Jesus’ Claim
    • grief
    • Martha had challenged Jesus
      1. Martha had challenged Jesus
      2. Jesus reassured her in v23
      3. but then Jesus made his claim
    • I am
    • whoever
    • the Christ
  4. The Centre of Christianity

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