Exodus 20:13

I Hate You

Talk 9 of 13 in the series: God’s New Covenant Law 2013

Exodus 20:13

1          The Commandment We Keep

            a          no argument

            b          no breach

2          The Commandment We Dispute

            a          abortion

            b          euthanasia

            c          war and pacifism

            d          speciesism

            e          capital punishment

3          The Commandment We Break

            a          anger, insults and abuse

            b          initiating reconciliation

            c          loving your enemy

4          The Commandment of God

            a          committed to life and so death

            b          committed to death and so life

5          The Commandment We Live

            a          genuine love

            b          bless others

            c          God’s government

            d          love fulfils the law

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