Issues of Evangelism for Parish Ministry Today
2. The Parish as Mission Field

Talk 2 of 3 in a series Issues of Evangelism for Parish Ministry Today. The next talk in the Series is The Congregation as Evangelists

These talks were given at a Ministry Training and Development Days for Ministry Workers in 2016.

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  1. Your slaves for his sake
    • What is Evangelism?
      1. proclaiming
      2. live consistently
      3. proclaim
    • Not selves
    • Jesus Christ as Lord
      1. Jesus
      2. Christ
      3. The Lord
    •  As slaves
      1. yours
      2. for Jesus’ sake
  2. The social change
    • Stable Democracy
    • Economic growth
    • Social consequences of economic growth
    • Parish Consequences of economic growth
      1. 1950’s parish
      2. the great pruning 1960-2000
      3. Sydney (Wollongong) Diocese
  3. The opportunities

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