Ecclesiastes 1:1-11; 2:13-17; 12:13-14

Circles and Arrows

Talk 1 of 4 given at the LIFT Conference 2022 (Looking Into Full Time).

The second talk is The Fear of the Lord (as a motive?)

For other talks by Phillip for people considering full time ministry, please see Considering Full Time Ministry.

Talk Outline

1       The Circle of Life

  • obvious observations
  • circularity of life
  • Ecclesiastes

2       The Reality of Death

  • obvious observations
  • irreversibility of life
  • Ecclesiastes

3       The Human Responses

  • songs of centuries
  • epicureans and stoics
  • hedonism and angst

4       The Beginning and the End

  • Ecclesiastes’ end
  • creation’s meaning
  • death’s meaning
  • resurrection’s reality

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