My Highest Joy

Talk 27 of 30 in the Series Psalms 2008 Cathedral Bible Study

The next talk in the Series is The Problem of Evil Revisited

  1. The Horror Verse
    1. the ethics of war
    2. the blessing
  2. The Psalm
    1. Invitation to Sing v1-3
    2. My Highest Joy v4-6
    3. The Enemies of Zion v7-9
  3. The Background
    1. Abraham to Joshua
    2. Joshua to David/Solomon
    3. Solomon to BabylonThe Fulfilment
  4. The Crucial Verse
    1. the genuine horror of sin
    2. the retributive nature of justice
    3. the corporate nature of sin and justice
    4. the reality of one’s highest joys
    5. no forgiveness without atonement

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