Last week and next Helen and I are ministering in Washington and London.

At the time of writing our work in Washington is coming to an end, and tonight we leave to cross the Atlantic.

In Washington we have been helping the launch of Matthias Media in the United States. Matthias Media is a Christian publishing firm based in Sydney. It provides many of our books and CD’s and tools for ministry at the Cathedral.

Over the years it has gained an international reputation for producing Biblically faithful aids for ministry. Its training course and tract, known as ‘Two Ways To Live’, has been translated and published in many languages.

Of recent years the sales of Matthias Media materials in the United States has become sufficient to open a warehouse there and to employ staff. This has given the speed in delivery, which is so important to American buyers.

So, to launch this new development in the US, we have invited our customers to a two-day Bible teaching conference in Washington. The Capitol Hill Baptist Church has kindly hosted the event. Their pastor Mark Dever is a great friend and supporter of Sydney Anglicans. He was the main speaker at the CMS summer school a couple of years ago.

At this conference I spoke five times on the doctrine of the Church and the dangers of modern Church Growth movements. There were about 300 pastors in attendance from all over the USA. There were also some from Canada, Mexico and even as far away as Chile. It has been a great time of meeting and making friends in the ministry of the Gospel.

In London, I will be speaking at All Soul’s Langham Place. Their rector Hugh Palmer spoke for us at our Spring Convention this year.

All Souls has been sponsoring their evangelist Rico Tice in the development of an evangelistic ministry known as Exploring Christianity. It is a series of videos, talks and Bible studies based on Mark’s Gospel.

Part of Rico’s work is the encouragement of others in evangelism. Thus he is organising a three day workshop at which I am to speak. There are about eight addresses I have to give in these three days. They are all on evangelism. At this stage I have very little feel for how many or who will be present. However I know that the organisers are people who can be trusted to use my efforts strategically.

Both Helen and I appreciate your partnership in prayer in these ventures. It is tiring and strenuous to keep travelling, meeting new people, and keep teaching in new contexts. So far the talks have been well received, but the graciousness of American Christians makes it hard to appreciate what effect we are really having. We continue to trust that God by his Spirit will bless the preaching of his word.

Please keep praying for my preparation and mental energy to faithfully teach God’s word. Jet lag and the onset of some headaches are not making this particularly easy at the moment. Remember to give thanks for God’s kindness in looking after us and providing so many faithful servants around the world interested in fellowshipping with us in the proclamation of our Lord.

You remain in our prayers.

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