Matthhew 6:5-15

Real Prayer

Talk 21 of 53 in the Series Matthew 2012-14 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the Series is The Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15

  1. Real Prayer
    • prayer
    • real
  2. False Ways
    • that they may be seen
      1. the hypocrites’ way
      2. synagogues and streets
      3. their reward
    • that they will be heard
      1. the Gentiles’ way
      2. empty phrases and many words
      3. thinking
  3. The Father’s way
    • secretly
      1. sincerity
      2. reward
    • differently
      1. do not be like them
      2. your father knows
      3. pray then like this
  4. Real Prayer
    • reality of God
    • reality of our relationship

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