Genesis 28:10-17, John 1

Culture and the Church: Secularism 

A talk that Phillip gave as an itinerant preacher at church@thepeak in Peakhurst, Sydney.

  1. A Christian Secularist!
    • the causes of the Rum Rebellion
    • the approval of sinfulness
  2. Secular or Secularist?
    • definition of secular and secularism
      • secular (14th c) “Belonging to this age, this world”
      • secularism (1851) “Rejection of all forms of religious faith or worship”
    • is Australia secular?
      • nation or government
      • separation of church and state
    • living in a two story house
      • the Christian’s house
      • the Mystic’s house
      • the Secularist’s house
  3. Secularism’s Incoherent Inadequacy
    • meaningless
    • amoral
    • eternity
  4. Jacob’s Ladder
    • Babel
    • Jacob
    • Jesus

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