John 12:20-50

Talk 3 of 7 in the series The Unexpected Messiah Mark 8:27-9:13 His Glory John 12:20-50

1 The King They Didn’t Understand
a The king on the donkey
b The whole world
c The Greeks
d Jesus strange “answer”

2 The Hour
a In John
b Glorified
c Death and life
d Save …glorify
e Now

3 The Son of Man
a In Daniel
b In John
c Glorified
d Lifted
e Draw
f Who is he?

4 Unbelief and Belief
a Walk in the light
b Unbelief
c Isaiah saw His glory
d Which glory?

5 But We See
a The Son of Man in Glory
b Tasting death for …
c Shared humanity
d Destroy and free
e Atonement

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