The World

Talk 4 of 6 in the Series: Spiritual Warfare 2009

Queens Birthday Conference

St Andrews Cathedral

1. The Armour and the Wrestle

2. The Heavenly Place

   a. wrestle 6:12

   b. every spiritual blessing 1:3

   c. Christ’s risen authority 1:20

   d. our resurrection 2:6

      i. our natural state in v1-3

      ii. God’s motivation v4

      iii. God’s action v5-6

   e. God’s wisdom 3:10

   f. the armour

3. The Mystery of the Gospel

   a. unite all under Christ 1:9

   b. the apostle’s to the nations/Gentiles 3:3-4

   c. the unity of humanity 5:32

   d. world mission 6:19

4. The Risen King’s Ambassador in Chains

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