1 Timothy 1:3-20

Talk 2 of 6 in the series 1 Timothy 2015

1. The Charge to Charge
a. not to teach
i.  different doctrine
ii. myths and genealogies
iii. vain discussions
b. wage the good warfare

2. Certain Persons
a. teach and devote themselves
b. swerve from basics
c. ignorant and arrogant teachers
d. shipwrecked faith

3. The Aim of the Charge is Love
a. which issues from and is waged with
i. the pure heart
ii. a good conscience
iii. a sincere faith
b. contrasted with
i. speculations rather than stewardship
ii. shipwrecked blasphemers

4. The Law and the Gospel
a. accordance
b. the place of the Law
i. good if used lawfully
ii. not for the just but the lawless
iii. the ten commandments
c. the gospel entrusted to Paul
i.  the blaspheming foremost sinner
ii. the trustworthy saying
iii. displaying perfect patience
d. all glory to God

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