1 Timothy 4:1-16

Talk 4 of 6 in the series 1 Timothy 2015

1. Confessing the Secret of Godliness
a. faith, belief, trust
b. salvation and service

2. Departing from the Faith
a predicted
b. the means: spiritual and human
i. deceitful spirits and teaching of demons
ii. irreverent silly myths
c. the ascetic alternative

3. Timothy’s Saving Task
a. these things
i. put before the believers
ii. command and teach
b. not myths but train for godliness
i. benefits of training
ii. benefits of godliness
c. not despised but an example
i. in speech and life
ii. devoted gifted practitioner
d. save yourself and hearers

4. The Means of Salvation
a. the Saviour of all people
b. to this end we toil and labour
c. you will save yourself and your hearers

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