Romans 1:6

The Call of God

Talk 2 of 6 in the series Romans 2000 St Matthias.

The next talk in the series is The Servant of God.

And you also are among those who are called to belong to Jesus Christ. (Romans 1:6)

  1. The Call of God
  2. The Call of an Apostle
    • a slave’s calling
      • an apostle
      • set apart
      • purpose
    • apostleship
      • source through him
      • goal for his name
      • scope amongst the gentiles (nations)
      • purpose for obedience of faith
  3.  The Call of the Romans
    • Rome included
      • the apostle
      • the gospel
      • the nations
    • b their call
      • Jesus Christ
      • loved by God
      • saints
  4.  The Call of Sydney-siders

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