The Creative God

Talk 21 of 30 in the series Psalms 2008 Cathedral Bible Study

The next talk in the series is The Faithful God

  1. The World around Us
    • greenies & developers
    • alternative and competing philosophies
  2. In Praise of God (104:1)
    • O my soul
    • great majesty
  3. God and Creation (104:2-30)
    • creator of all (104:2-9)
    • provider of all (104:10-23)
    • sustainer of all 104:24-30
  4. God and the Psalmist (104:31-35)
    • glory and joy
    • praise and meditation
    • man and his maker
  5. Living By The Psalm
    • attitude to world
    • attitude to God
    • attitude to self

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