The God of Vengeance

Psalm 94

1 O LORD God of Vengeance (vv1-6)

a vengeance – judge, repay, deserve

b how long

c the wicked exult

2 The Fool’s Folly (vv7-11)

a Yahweh does not see

b but a breath

3 The Blessing of Yahweh (vv12-15)

a discipline and teach

b rest from trouble

c for Yahweh will not forsake

4 The Psalmist’s Confidence (vv16-19)

a his troubles

b his strength

5 The Psalmist Question (vv20-23)

a the wicked rulers

b Yahweh’s actions

6 The Reality of evil

a and God’s people

b requires justice

c and God’s timing

d and our endurance

  • Cathedral Bible Study

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