Romans 8:28-29

The Holy Spirit and Guidance

A seminar given at Mid-Year Conference 2023.

Seminar Outline

1. What is the Spirit?

  • God?
  • Part of God?
  • A second God?
  • The Power of God?

2. Who is the Holy Spirit

  • The Spirit of the Father?
  • The Spirit of the Son?
  • The Third person of the triune God?
  • The Person of God?

3. What can the Holy Spirit do?

  • That he can ≠ that he will
  • That he did = can ≠ will
  • That he did ≠ how
  • That it is recorded = unusual or normative?

4. Providence

  1. known after – arrogance before
  2. uncertain at the time
  3. godless without it
  4. insecure want certainty
  5. juveniles want instruction
  6. mature thoughtful ‘self-control’

5. Led by the Spirit

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