Genesis 10-11:9

The Promise of Heaven on Earth

Talk 8 of 8 in a series on Genesis 1-11, given at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Talk Outline

  1. “I Have a Dream” was the great call of Martin Luther King, he punctuated his speech in Washington, with this phrase “I have a dream”, it was a dream of unity, peace and brotherhood, Man in Control, Means
  2. I Have A Nightmare
    • Valueless Technology
    • Power of Collective
    • Violence of Peace Demonstrations
  3. The Narrative
    • Unity
    • Technology
    • Purpose
    • Division
  4. The Bible’s Understanding
    • Divisions
    • Arrogance
    • City of God
    • right dream
    •  wrong method
    • wrong timing
  5.  The Implications
    •  for technology
    • for society
    • for understanding
    • for action

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One response to “8. The Promise of Heaven on Earth

  1. I would like to thank Phillip for these 8 studies on Genesis we have use them in our bible study
    group over the past few weeks. The group have all found them the be greatly challenging and so relevant to our lives and the world today was we seek to live out our lives as christians in these troubled day.
    May Gods blessing continue to be on your ministry.

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