1 John 2:3-14

‘The Truth About Love’
1 John 2:3-14

1 By this we know we know (3,5)

2 Whoever says “I know him” (4-5)

 a but does not keep

 b but keeps

3 Whoever says he abides in him (5-6)

 a sure (know) we are in him

 b ought to walk

Interruption: explaining his writing (7-8)

 a old commandment

 b new commandment

 c true in you and in him in the dawn of a new day

4 Whoever says he is in the light (9-11)

 a hates his brother

 b loves his brother

 c does not know

Conclusion: Written assurance of knowledge (12-14)

  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral

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