Talk 1 of 3 in the Series: Jesus Said “I have come…” 2012 St Andrews Cathedral


I have come… from heaven to do my Father’s will

“For I have come down from heaven,  not to do my own will  but the will of him who sent me.” 

John 6:38 

1. The Claim of Christmas  

2. The Context of the Claim 

a. Feeding  

b. Walking  

c. Moses 

3. The Crowd’s Desires 

a. a king  

b. to be fed  

c. for a sign  

4. The Christ’s Claims 

a. to come from heaven 

b. to do his father’s will 

c. eternal life 

5. The Christ’s Demands 

a. to labour  

b. to believe  

6. The Claims of Christmas 

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