What Christians Believe

The simple truths about Christianity shared in a discussion between Phillip Jensen and Kel Richards. For more Chat Room episodes please see The Chat Room.

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One response to “What Christians Believe – Two Ways to Live

  1. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for this video. My small group from church is doing the two ways to live course.
    I have never really felt comfortable with a God who has to control me, so your explanation of the us being the gardener and appointed under God was especially encouraging.
    I also wrestle with human nature, not all of our ability to make decisions and act in the world is a bad thing. Christians can live powerless and frustrated lives because they are not sure what exactly God wants them to do in everyday practical situations. Surely if the Holy Spirit is at work in their hearts their will and God’s will can’t always be in opposition to each other? Also, was Adam made already sinful in the garden of Eden? I believe Adam was without sin before he and Eve ate the apple, how else then could he have walked with God. If God created Adam already sinful, how could God hold him accountable for his sin? (sin nature?)

    I can see you are a kind man, with a good sense of humor and compassion towards people, this encourages me greatly in continuing to learn the course material.
    Yours in Christ,

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