Why People Hate Missionaries

Talk 15 of 30 in the series Acts 2010 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the series is Why People Hate Christians

Acts 13

  1. Missionaries are Offensive
    • imposition and implication
    • model or explanation
  2. From Jews to Gentiles
    • the world mission starts
    • sorcerer v proconsul
    • Jewish synagogue
    • negative response
    • Gentile mission
  3. The Synagogue Sermon
    • model or explanation
    • God’s history of Israel
    • Jewish prophecies fulfilled
    • David prophecies fulfilled
    • message of encouragement
    • warning of prophet
  4. The Predicted Response
    • popularity
    • jealousy
    • from Jews to Gentiles
  5. The Gospel and Us
    • our time
    • our place
    • who wants a missionary?

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