Judgement of the Unrighteous

HiJudgement of the Unrighteous

1 Of Judging and Judgement

 a do not pronounce judgement 4:5
 b you are to judge 5:12
 c are you incompetent to judge? 6:2

2 Who are The Judges?

 a the unrighteous, unbelievers
 b the saints
 c the world and angels

3 A Dispute Between Brothers

 a the trivia of this life's grievance
 b wisely settling fraternal disputes
 c the defeat - better to be wronged
 d wronging your brother!

4 The Unrighteous

 a who are they
 b no deception: will not inherit
 c such were: but…but…but…
 d washed, sanctified, justified

5 The Judgement of the Unrighteous


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