Melt Before The Lord

HiMelt Before The Lord

Melt before the LORD

Psalm 97

1 The Announcement of Yahweh’s Reign (1-5)

 a matter of joy

 b the lord of all the earth

  i. the mountains melt

  ii righteousness and justice

  iii adversaries

2 The Heavens Proclamation (6-7)

 a righteousness

 b idol worshippers

 c the worship of gods

3 The Joy of Judah (8-9)

 a Zion is glad

 b because of judgements

 c Yahweh is over earth and gods

4 The Psalm’s Conclusion (10-12)

 a the command to hate

 b assurance

 c the command to rejoice

5 Announcing Yahweh’s Reign

 a John and Jesus

 b he whom angels worship

 c appears a second time

 d the seventh trumpet

 e the marriage of the bride


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