The First Witness/Martyr

HiThe First Witness/Martyr

The First Witness/Martyr

Acts 6:8-8:1

1 Witness/Martyr
 a truth
 b opposition

2 The Charge
 a Moses and God
 b the temple and law
 c Jesus will destroy and change
3 The Offence
 a Abraham to the patriachs 1-8
 b the Patriarchs 9-16
 c the Patriarchs to Moses 17-22
 d Moses flight 23-29
 e the burning bush 30-34
 f Moses rejected 35-43
 g Tabernacle to temple 44-50
 h Stephen’s accusation 51-53
 I three men and a mob 54-8:1

4 The Themes
 a God’s action
 b land, law and temple
 c resistance and disobedience
 d Jesus


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