A Picture Of Heaven

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Originally Published:
29th October 2013

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Bible passage: Revelation 21

Date: 29/10/2013


		A Picture of Heaven
Revelation 21

1 Earthly Pictures of Heavenly Realities
a language of heaven
b Biblical imagery
c earthly pictures

2 The Epilogue’s Prologue (21:1-8)
a new heaven and new earth
b holy city
i new Jerusalem
ii bride
c God’s tent
d God’s people
e God’s throne
f first and last
g water of life
h God’s son
i outsiders outside

3 The Holy City (21:9-21)
a the bride
b the light
c the building
d the dimensions
e the magnificence

4 The Temple (21:22-27)
a none because
b light
c nations
d open
e pure
f book

5 A Picture of Heaven