Matthew 17:14-23

The Faith Of Jesus

A talk (of 50+ talks) in the series: Matthew CBS 2012-2014

Matthew 17:14-23

1 From Shocking Accusation to Unbelievable Claim
a faithless and twisted generation
b nothing will be impossible to you

2 Context
a transfiguration
b persistent prediction
c healing

3 The Reason for Failure
a faithless and twisted generation
b little faith

4 Faith
a magic vs miracles
b the faith that saves: Matthew 8:10, 9:2, 9:22, 9:29,15:28
c the little faith Matthew: 6:30, 8:26,14:31,16:8, 17:20
d the faith that moves mountains
e the faith that is crucified

5 Our Faith in Jesus

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