Eternity And justice

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Originally Published:
2nd March 2012

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Series: Ecclesiastes: Eternity (4 of 6)
Bible passage: Ecclesiastes 3:16 - 4:16

Date: 02/03/2012


		Eternity and Justice

      Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:16

1	The Business to be Busy with 

	a	vanity under the sun
	b	enjoyment of the gift

	c	eternity is in our hearts

	d	though we cannot fathom it

2	Looking at the world

	a	wickedness in the place of justice

	b	oppression without comfort

	c	vanity of individualism

3	The Conclusions of Life

	a	rejoice in work

	b	quietness better than striving

	c	better your present companion

4	The Judgement of God

	a	death and eternity

	b	ransoming the soul from death