The Battle of Armgeddon

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Originally Published:
21st July 2013

Tagged: revelation


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Bible passage: Revelation 15 - 16

Date: 21/07/2013


		The Battle of Armageddon
Revelation 15-16
1 The Angry God
a just anger
b retributive justice
c God’s anger
2 The Seven Plagues
a the scene
i Old Testament
ii Revelation 1-14
iii Revelation 15:1-16:1
b the action
i the land 16:2
ii the sea 16:3
iii the rivers 16:4
iv the sun 16:8-9
v the throne 16:10-11
vi the Euphrates 16:12-16
vii the air 16:17-21
3 Keys to the Bowls
a the cycles of seven
i seals 6-8
ii trumpets 8-11
iii sequential?
b this cycle
I the victorious
ii the beast
iii from the temple
iv everything
v angel and altar
vi unrepentant
vii the great day
viii I come
ix It is done
x Babylon the great
4 Living in the Shadow of Armageddon
a world amok
b God’s sovereignty
c God’s loving and just anger
d God’s enemies
e God’s victory