Matthew 12:1-50

The Genuine Judge

A talk (of 50+ talks) in the series: Matthew CBS 2012-2014

Matthew 12
1 The Opposition

a mounting

b surprising

c expected

2 The Judgement

a the judgement people made

i v2 Pharisees judged him by his disciples

ii v10 In Synagogue they were watching to accuse him

iii v23 as some people ask the question

b the judgement coming to people

i v6-8 something greater than the temple – is here

ii v28f the kingdom of God has come upon you

iii v33 the tree is known by its fruit

iv v39 an evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign

v v48 who is my mother and my brothers?

3 The Rejection of Jesus

a motives

b content

i breaking the law

ii the devil’s power

ii provide a sign

c judging the judge

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