The Confidence That Prays

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Phillip is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral, Australia and regularly preaches at the 10:30am gathering.

Originally Published:
16th October 2011

Tagged: 1 john prayer


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Series: 1 John: Loving Confidently In A Dangerous World (13 of 13)
Bible passage: 1 John 5:16-21

Date: 16/10/2011


		The Confidence that Prays

      1 John 5:16-21

1	Addressing the Problem 

	a	the apostasy

	b	the reassurance

2	Prayer

	a	confidence

	b	brother sin

	c	sin and sin

3	Three Things We Know

	a	about sin and protection

	b	about God and the evil one

	c	about the Son of God and eternal life

4	The Final Command