The Last Attraction

Cathedral at 5

Cathedral at 5 meets on Sunday evenings at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Originally Published:
27th October 2013

Tagged: heaven revelation


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Bible passage: Revelation 22

Date: 27/10/2013


		The Last Attraction

Revelation 22

1 The new heaven and the new earth

2 The river of life (22:1-5)

a source

b course

c curse

d servants

e kings

3 The words of God (22:6-11)

a source

b course

c imminence

d worship

e unsealed

f continue

4 Jesus comes (22:12 -17)

a coming soon (7, 12)

b who

c salvation

d judgement

e ‘come’

5 Epilogue’s epilogue (22:18-21)

a warning

b coming

c grace

6 Preparation for the coming