Under God’s Protection

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
20th May 2014

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Bible passage: Psalm 91

Date: 20/05/2014


		Under God's protection

Psalm 91

1	Angels?

2	The Shadow of the Almighty (vv1-2)

	a	four names/words for God 

	b	four characters of his care 

	c	I trust

3	Your Protection (vv3-12)

	a	you

	b	the dangers of life (vv3-6)

	c	the escapes from danger (vv7-10)

	d	the angelic protection (vv11-13)

4	God’s Assurance (vv13-16)

	a	why

	b	what

	c	when

5	Jesus and the Angels

	a	the baptism

	b	the Spirit

	c	If you are the Son

	d	throw yourself down

	e	not put to the test

	f	angels came ministering to him

6	Because…I Will