Launch 2025

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Join us at Launch 2025!

Launch is the camp for school leavers keen to live for Jesus. It is where you will

  • Meet others who have just finished school
  • Listen to great Bible talks from Phillip Jensen and Richard Chin
  • Equip yourself for University/TAFE alongside leaders and staff-workers
3-6 February 2025
Stanwell Tops

Our leaders are an awesome group of young women and men just a few years ahead of you! They are keen to help you work out what it means to align your priorities to God’s in this next phase of your life whilst having a fantastic time meeting others doing the same thing. Launch camp truly is the best investment you can make to think through how to live for Jesus!

Check out Launch on Facebook and Instagram to find out more, hear what campers and leaders say about Launch, or email if you have more questions or would like to advertise Launch at your church or school.

Who is Launch for?

Launch is a Christian camp is for school leavers. The camp is designed for those who finish school in 2024 or are beginning Uni/TAFE in 2025 (after a gap year).

What happens on an average day of Launch?
We have all-in sessions with bible talks, small group time, free time and workshops designed for school-leavers.
How do I get to Launch?
Launch is located at The Tops Conference Centre, 51 Bendena Gardens, Stanwell Tops, New South Wales. This is about an hour’s drive or train ride from Sydney. For those without a lift, you can join Launch Leaders at Central Station to catch the train there.
What if I can’t afford Launch?
We’ve tried our hardest to keep the costs for Launch down (conference centres are expensive!). If you are struggling to afford to come, please get in contact with Wendy ( and we’d love to chat to you about a way to help you come!


Should I come to Launch after Year 13/The Bridge gap years?

Absolutely! Every year, people say how much they loved coming to Launch after their Christian gap year. Launch is a great way to expand your network and meet others you can encourage and can encourage you at your Uni/TAFE.

Should I come to Launch if I’m not a Christian?

We’d love you to come! Finishing school is a big time of new freedoms, challenges and responsibilities. Launch is an awesome place to think about what Jesus might have to say about your life and future.

Should I come to Launch if I’m not going to Uni?

For sure! Launch is for you, whatever you might be doing post-school! Whether you’re doing a gap year, going into full-time work, studying at tafe or a private college — having a firm grasp of Jesus and lots of friends will be a huge blessing!

Should I come to Launch if I’m going to a Uni outside of Sydney?

Please come along! Launch is not about any uni/region but about who Jesus is and what difference he makes for everyone! One of our speakers, Richard Chin, is the national director of the AFES (Christian groups across Australia) and would love to chat with you at Launch about the opportunities on your specific campus!

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August 16, 2024
  • Launch 2025
     February 3, 2025 - February 6, 2025
     12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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51 Bendena Gardens, Stanwell Tops, New South Wales, 2508, Australia